We've recently recruited a brand spanking new Blogging Editorial Team. Applications have submitted and we can now announce our sub-editors and editor.  

The Student Minds Editorial Team are in charge of  sourcing, editing & publishing Student Minds blogs, with the help of Grace Anderson. If you are a member of The Blogging Editorial Team, don't worry,  you can still write for the Student Minds Blog. 

Please contact blog@studentminds.org.uk with any questions about blogging.

The Team:

Editor: Lucy Coot
Hi, I’m Lucy! Through studying Psychology and experiencing life as a student, I have become incredibly passionate about mental health and helping to make a change. I am determined to work hard to remove the stigma through awareness and conversation to ensure that anyone experiencing it, never has to feel alone. I believe that uni should be something everybody can enjoy and there shouldn't be anything that limits them from doing this. Every student deserves to be faced with opportunities they feel happy and confident enough to take, no matter what struggles they may be dealing with inside. Through conversations, recognition and support with platforms such as the Student Minds blog, this can be possible!

Sub-Editor: Sophie Edwards
Hi I’m Sophie and I’m a student at the University of Greenwich studying Advertising and Marketing Communications. I am going into my 3rd year of university in September and I have struggled with my mental health up until this point. In the Summer of 2016, at the end of my 1st year of university I was diagnosed with social anxiety and depression. It was only when I discovered Student Minds that I felt less alone and knew I wasn’t the only student struggling. I hope by working with Student Minds I can support other students experiencing the same struggles as me and raise awareness about the help that is out there!

Sub-Editor: Madeline Pownall
Hi, I’m Maddi! I’m a psychology student at University of Lincoln and I run the blog Thought Bubbles, which discusses current issues through a psychological lens. I am particularly interested in stigma, stereotypes, and how we learn to navigate the often turbulent and messy world of student life. Throughout my studies I have had an array of exciting jobs, which have involved me working with psychotherapists, counsellors and psychiatrists. I am now eager to use everything that I have learnt about mental health to create a blog space that is hopeful, nurturing and collaborative.

Sub-Editor: Aoife Clements 
After spending the last three years studying Law and anthropology at LSE, I am now pursuing my Masters in Anthropology. I am very excited to join the student minds editorial team this year. As someone who is passionate about removing stigma attached to mental health, I am looking forward to working with bloggers to share stories and remind students they are not alone.

Sub-Editor: Gloria Onwuneme
Hi, I’m Gloria, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the Editorial Team! A bit about me: I’m a Danish-born Nigerian, who left Scandinavia to study in the UK. I'm now also a medical student at Uni of Nottingham, with a keen interest in the workings of the mind. I hope to help Student Minds contributors share their insights and stories as widely as possible, and look forward to learning from them as well.

Sub-Editor: Jodie Goodacre 
Hey there! I am Jodie, a final year Geography student from Hertfordshire living with Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar Type 2 and Anxiety. I am a passionate Mental Health Campaigner, having worked across the UK delivering speeches in schools, speaking with ministers at the department of health, working with the media all with the aim of raising awareness and reducing stigma.  I am thrilled to be working with Student Minds to continue this journey in highlighting the difficulties that can come with education whilst showing that life can continue with a mental illness, you can achieve greatness just like someone without a mental health condition. Though at times it can be incredibly consuming, it is not a life sentence and it does not define you. 

Sub-Editor: Emma Halahan
Hi I'm Emma and I'm a third year Geography student at Royal Holloway, University of London. As a sufferer of high functioning depression, I know what it's like to have little information about the student experience and mental health, especially for less common mental illnesses. As the Mental Health Chair at Royal Holloway, I hope to help shed light through the Student Minds blog on the varied experiences and issues faced by students when it comes to recognising, diagnosing and treating their mental health. I'm so excited to be one of your Sub-editors and together I believe we can use this wonderful platform to raise the profile of student mental health and to help all students have a place where they can freely talk about their experiences without stigma. 

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