The Student Minds blog is the biggest national student mental health blog in the UK. Most of the content on this blog is written by students, but sometimes we take the opportunity as a charity to champion what student volunteers are doing across the country to improve student mental health!

We welcome submissions from all students and university alumni about student mental health and university wellbeing. Past blog posts have included personal experiences of mental health difficulties, tips on dealing with different aspects of university life, and stories of supporting a friend or being supported by a friend. We encourage anybody who has something to say about student mental health to make their voice heard and write to us!

Before you submit a blog, please make sure you've checked the following:

  • Have you checked your blog is consistent with the Student Minds Blogging Guidelines?
  • Want to blog, but not sure what to write about? Go to our Submit your blog form and click 'I'm interested in blogging and would like to know more' and we'll send you more information!
  • Are you happy that your blog will be available publicly?
    Read Seb's blog to find out more about what it's like to talk about your mental health publicly. You have the option of submitting an anonymous blog if you want to.

Mental Health over Christmas Blogging Series!

We are starting a brand new blogging series this month and would love for you to get involved! Although Christmas time can be a lot of fun, it can also be an incredibly tough time of the year too. Therefore, we want to bring this to light and ensure nobody feels alone.

To get involved all you need to do is answer the following questions and email them to us at blog@studentminds.org.uk

1. What do you enjoy most about the winter holiday period?

2. What do you find most difficult during the holidays?

3. Taking some time out from all the festivities to look after yourself can be really helpful. What do you do to help your mental health during the holidays?

4. What present would you give yourself over the holidays?

5. Anything else you would like to add?

UNITE Students Collaboration - how you can get involved:

"Unite Students is a student accommodation provider, who provide homes for around 50,000 students each year. They aim to build a Home for Success for all of our students by providing not just great rooms, but great homes. This means creating a warm, safe and friendly place where students can thrive and know that we are always there for them, whenever they need us. We want students to achieve their full potential so have conducted extensive research to understand how we can best help them achieve this outcome. We have learnt that creating a place where students feel they belong is a critical factor in the academic success and personal wellbeing of a student. For this reason we are very proud to work in partnership with Student Minds, to provide accessible, factual and helpful peer guidance to support students who may experience mental health challenges."

Write for UNITE Students:

We are excited to announce that our bloggers have the opportunity to blog for UNITE on their Student Life Hub. This partnership allows UNITE to share real life student experiences with students in their accommodation. This will also allow you, one of our bloggers to reach over 1 million people with your story and tips of your time at university.

If you are interested please email blog@studentminds.org.uk and they will be able to provide you more information and guidelines.

Questions about Student Minds and blogging? Check out our FAQ page.

Submit your blog below!

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